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How to clean shower stalls

Here's a checklist of components to make the shower fit the entire family.

  • Grab bars. Some people suppose they are plain and belong only in hospitals. Yet, grab bars now come in chic shapes, stylish finishes, admirable colors, generally coordinating with other shower accessories.
  • Seating. Some persons require or prefer to sit in the shower, and some don't. In case you recess a seat into the shower wall or mount a fold-down seat, everybody will be satisfied.
  • Sprays and controls. A regulable handheld shower spray is the way to get largest adaptability.
  • Wall niches. You'll want leastways two wall niches for shampoo and soap - one next to the bench for seated bathers and kids, and one more up higher for standing adults.
  • Lighting. The professional designers recommend getting into the suppositional shower area to calculate where to install the light so it won't be obstructed by a bather.
  • Flooring and walls. For a non-slip floor, use non-glossy ceramic tiles or tumbled stone, better mosaics or other small pieces that are built-in in a tight network of grout. The professional designers recommend tiling all the way up the shower walls and even throughout the ceiling. Eventually, a handheld spray can shoot water everywhere.
Think about your shower's full design, including fabrics, materials, colors etc. Get inspired by photos and articles on our web site, as well as other blogs and design magazines.

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