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Tub shower doors

  • Custom Showers
    Custom stalls can be designed in any shape or size and in a big variety of materials, such as solid-surfacing, porcelain, ceramic, tempered glass, natural stone. They might be built atop a custom covered waterproof basis or a prefabricated substructure, which is called a shower pan.
  • Shower heads and Fixtures
    As for shower heads, normal wall-mount units are the most saving selection but are the least multipurpose. Systems that submit a selection of sprays are your best option. After specifying how many fixtures you prefer in the shower, specify which spray heads comply with your demands and the best allocation for each. Take into consideration, the more shower heads you have, the more water you use.
  • Ceiling-Mount
    Ceiling-mount shower heads, also generally called rain-style shower heads, are usually more pricey. They furthermore require additional plumbing. The payoff is a relaxing flow of water that enshrouds your entire body.
  • Shower Stall
    An autonomic shower can be as distinctive as the householder who makes use of it. Without a bath to determine the footprint, a shower stall can be built to match practically every configuration. Despite the fact that autonomic showers have countless design possibilities, they are more costly and commonly need supplementary plumbing.
Think about your shower's total design, including colors, fabrics, materials etc. Get inspired by pictures and articles on, as well as other blogs and design magazines.

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