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700 pivot shower doors

  • Discreet speaker systems made specially for wet settings are one more good way for members of your family to personify their shower experience. Kids can enjoy their favorite songs over bath time, grown-ups can examine traffic reports or news on the radio, and tranquilizing ambient music or audio books can ease whacked nerves for all at the end of a difficult day.
  • Combine a handshower with a slidebar for fast and comfortable height regulations to fit either member of your family, from teens and babies to tall dads.
  • If you don't want tiling the floor and walls of your shower, consider a shower stall and base to help contain spraying and guarantee your shower a fresh look.
  • Shower doors come in an extensive selection of sizes, styles and shapes. Whether you're working in a tight place, using steam controls, or incorporating a corner shower, there's a shower door for any requirement.
  • Digital shower controls make it possible to all members of your family to save their original showering selections for lighting, water flow, temperature and all that.
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