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Commercial bathroom design standard

Spa Experience

Bathrooms are no longer a straightforward wash room but a home spa where a person will have an opportunity to relax and ease off. Showers at the moment deliver up to six shower patterns - from a tight, massaging rain shower to a refreshing light splash.


This is today one of the chief considerations for home owners scheming bathroom reconstruction. Some brands are now producing 6 star WELS rated basin mixers that use merely 4.5L of water per minute along with toilets also saving notable amounts of water with four star WELS rating.

Toilets have either progressed somewhat with wall faced and wall hung makes advancing in popularity - such units have hidden containers and wall-hung designs are suspended above the floor for a perfectly clean and uncluttered look.


Bathroom is not only pragmatic, functional space anymore. It has become a display of the homeowner's personal taste. Wall dressing and decoration is a major factor. Dimensional tiles are presently a huge trend in bathrooms where the tiles have a 3D look.

Your bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most busy rooms in your housing, so it definitely needs particular planning. It needs to be easy and usable, practical and alleviative. The complete bathroom must create the ideal space to coddle both body and mind.

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